ABOUT – Inspiral Glass Quality Stained Glass in Bristol


Jen Varney owns and operates Inspiral Glass, a manufacturer and restorer of stained glass in Bristol since 2002 . With practical experience in all disciplines, including hot glass, cut glass and kiln work. Jen has a thorough understanding of the properties and beauty of glass. Her college background has provided design, experimental, practical skills and knowledge as a solid base for Inspiral Glass. Jen has worked alongside other professionals in the trade, as well as alone on many restoration projects. She creates new designs specific to client requirements as well as bringing client’s own designs to life, and restoring ancient stained glass in Bristol to its original glory. She is an accomplished stained glass artist and leaded light maker.

Although incorporating all the traditional and age old skills vital to manufacture work of the very highest standards, Inspiral Glass       combines old with new to create a fresh and vibrant approach. Inspiral Glass has produced new designs for a range of building types, from private homes to churches and public spaces. The design process is collaborative. We will work together from start to finish to identify design requirements, installation specifications, glass colour, texture and pattern, and to  produce a unique work of art just for you. We are happy to offer a free quotation service, and undertake any type of stained glass in Bristol; from church window restoration, stonework and public commissions to private residences repairs and installations. Hopefully you, as the prospective client will be as inspired by this medium and the creative process involved as we are. Each window we create is a work of art in its own right, a hand crafted masterpiece in glass, which has an ethereal beauty and uniqueness all of its own. Until you own such pieces yourself or can spend time with this medium it is difficult to appreciate fully its wonderful properties. Glass and the colours it produces are highly therapeutic and remedial, and can help the onlooker to feel calm, relaxed and in a good frame of mind.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from any time, so your imagination is the only limitation.
Stained glass offers elegance and warmth, so if you are looking to install a touch of luxury into your home, Inspiral Glass is the place to come.