Jenny`s idea for our glass was just what we were hoping for, and the
execution was immaculate.

Laura Marshall, Bristol

Jenny was very helpful and down to earth. The windows were restored to
a very high standard with a modern twist, replacing antique glass with clear, which the staff and customers much prefer.

Landlord, Prince of Wales

The quality of light, and standard of work were just wonderful!

Liz Allen, Bishopston

The work that Jenny has carried out for us is second to none! We are extremely pleased with her work. Jenny worked efficiently and applied herself 100 per cent to the commission that she undertook, always making sure that the client was totally satisfied.

Elle Chlekbo

Having refurbished our stairs and hallway, we were then considering what to do with our 1970s style door and surround. We were keen to try and restore the 1930s feel but within the parameters of the modernisation already undertaken. One of the key areas were the 5 glass panels of the door surround.

After contacting glaziers and door manufacturers none of whom could help, I found Inspiral Glass on the internet.

Jenny visited within a few days and very quickly picked up ideas for panels based on the d├ęcor and interior designs already existing in the house. The main inspiration was a favourite Tiffany lampshade on the first floor. It seemed to take no time at all to agree the basis for a design-Jenny was very attuned to what we liked and disliked.

From then, it was really exciting with Jenny sending through designs by e-mail. The software package she used gave very clear impressions of what the end result would look like. I `tweaked` a few things and then we were at the stage of choosing the glass and the colours.

The end result is fabulous and totally in keeping with the house. Jenny has chosen a particularly beautiful clear glass to surround the coloured design. It is truly lovely and catches the light in a spectacular way.

My husband (who always had an eye on the cost) was delighted with the panels and volunteered that the final bill was "well worth it".

We cannot recommend Jenny and her expertise enough. The Company lives up to its name as being truly Inspirational.

Helen and Frank Connor.